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News Update

PS & SS After School Programme (ASP) Term 2-3, 2018-2019 

PS After School Programme Make-up Period (if needed): 27th - 31st May 2019


SS After School Programme Ends: 24th May 2019


Sports Coaching Programme

Secondary Sports Coaching ends: Friday 24th May 2019

Primary Sports Coaching ends: Friday 24th May 2019

Q & A

Q: What if I do not have access to a computer at home, how can I register?

   A: The after school web portal can be accessed from any devices (smartphone, tablet, PC or MAC). 


Q: What if the class I want is full? Do you have a waitlist?

   A: Full button will appear for classes that have no space availability. To be considered as a waitinglist, click the red button called "Register as wait list". Under menu "My Subject", you will see your waiting list subject appeared with status "wait list".


Q: How will I know if my name moves from waitlist to confirmed class list?

   A: Our staff will contact you directly to ask for your confirmation once the space becomes available.


Q: How will I know how many spaces are available in each class?

   A:  The number of available spaces will appear besides each class.


Q: Why there is no register button appearing?

   A: The registration button disappear because either the class is full or the registration is not opened.  For full class, you will see full button appearing instead. The register button will also disappear if the registration period is over. In this case, please contact [email protected].


Q: How will I know who register in that class?

   A: Click on button "Check registration list" to view who has already registered.


Q: If I am abroad, can I still register an after school class for my child?

   A: Certainly you can. The after school web portal is a web based tool that you can access any time, any where as long as you have internet connection.


Q: If I am a bus parents and don't come in school very often, can I register an after school class for my child?

   A: Certainly you can.  If you have internet connection at home or a smartphone, you can access the after school web portal to sign up for a class for your child.


Q: I cannot log in.

   A: Make sure you have entered the 9 digit student id. correctly and select the correct grade level.