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News Update

PS & SS After School Programme (ASP) Term 1, 2019-2020 

PS After School Programme

Information Releases: Tuesday 20th August 2019

Online Registration Period: Tuesday 20th August (3:00PM) - Friday 23rd August (12:00PM)

PS After School Programme Commences: Monday 26th August 2019

Late Registration & Cancellation Period: Monday 26th August - Friday 6th September

PS After School Programme Ends: Friday 22nd November 2019

Make-up Period (if needed): Monday 25th November - Friday 29th November

SS After School Programme

Information Releases: Tuesday 20th August 2019

Online Registration Period: Tuesday 20th August (3:00PM) - Friday 23rd August (12:00PM)

SS After School Programme Commences: Monday 26th August 2019

Late Registration & Cancellation Period: Monday 26th August - Friday 6th September

SS After School Programme Ends: Friday 22nd November 2019

Make-up Period (if needed): Monday 25th November - Friday 29th November


**SS Drama Club

Online Registration Period: Tuesday 13th August (9:00AM) - Friday 16th August (3:00PM)

1st Meeting (all registered students): Monday 19th August (3:00PM - 4:30PM)

Auditions Period: Tuesday 20th August - Thursday 29th August

Auditions Results Announced: Friday 30th August

Drama Club Commences: Monday 2nd September 2019

Sports Coaching Programme

SS Sports Coaching Commences: Monday 19th August 2019

SS Sports Coaching Ends: Friday 22nd November 2019

PS Sports Coaching Commences: Monday 26th August 2019

PS Sports Coaching Ends: Friday 6th December 2019

PS After School Class reschedule

This semester, we will be rescheduling the starting and ending date for the following classes (Time and days remains the same):

Mini Movers (Monday): Starts 2nd September 2019 - Ends 25th November 2019  (11 weeks)

UGS Hip Hop (Tuesday): Starts 3rd September 2019 - Ends 26th November 2019  (12 weeks)

Jazz Dance (Wednesday): Starts 4th Septmeber 2019 - Ends 27th November 2019  (12 weeks)

Please note: Pro-rate will also shift accordingly for these classes.




How To Register

Who will register?

  • For primary students, parents will discuss the course options with your child before making the register on their behalf.
  • For secondary, students are encoraged to register for their interested after school classes. You can always help supervising them when they register.

How to register online?

Step 1: Login and view classes

  • Visit KIS after school website, www.kisafterschool.com to view available classes.
  • The login box is on the left hand side of the homepage, enter log in using your child’s 9 digit student ID. (pls. refer to student’s smart card as sample below) and then select your child’s grade level.  
  • For siblings, please log on using their own individual student ID.
  • Once logged on, click menu “Classes on Offer” to view classes available.
  • Click on menu "Classes on Offer" to view course options.  Classes are listed in the order of day (Mon-Fri).
  • Click "read more" to access and read the detail of each class.  When you click the word 'read more' you will be taken to the class description page.  This page will contain the information about space availability, class time, room location, teacher/instructor's name and any other requirements you may need to know when joining the class.
  • Most of the classes will contain a video or slide presentation for parents to understand each individual class setting and objectives.
  • Please note that you will be able to view classes on offer that are only available to your child’s grade level.

Step 2: Registration

  • After school classes are available for primary school students from EY1 Senior to Grade 5 and for secondary school students from Grade 6 to Grade 12.
  • You are only allowed to view and register for classes which are on offer to the grade level of your child.
  • Once you logged on using 9 digit student id., click the left menu called "Classes on Offer".
  • For any classes that you're interested, click on the work "read more" to take you to the detail information of each class.
  • Click register button besides the class name and click ok button to confirm.
  • You will also be able to see if the class is full.  The green button with the word FULL will appear.
  • The button "Check registration list" will show all the name of students who have already registered for that particular class.
  • If the class you wish to register is full, you may wish to click “Register as waiting list” to be added on the waiting list of that class. When the space becomes available, you will be contacted by our after school staff to confirm.

When the registration period is over, you will not be able to register, cancel or change anything except only to view your current registered classes. Any changes, please email [email protected].

Step 3: My Subject

  • Under menu “My Subject”, you will then be able to see the subject you have just registered. If this doesn’t appear, contact [email protected].
  • My Subject menu will tell you the name of the classes you have already registered or cancelled.

Step 4: History

  • History menu tells you your activity logs in which you had entered in the after school portal in the past terms.

Step 5: Log Out

  • Once you have finished registering after school classes, always log out by clicking the menu "Log Out"